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Agri-Flavors' Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.


In the mid 1950's, some commercial flavors for animals began to be marketed. A few people in the feed industry began to notice that some feed additives such as antibiotics, etc., which was very good for the animal, was not palatable. As more and more of these additives were introduced and blended into the feed, the "law of diminishing returns" was observed in palatability. Variations in feed ingredients, combined with feed additives were a major opportunity for flavor in the United States and the world. We were limited, by volume, on how much molasses we could use to mask or cover the taste of these additives. Therefore, another approach to palatability must be considered.

Between the mid 1950's and 1970's, some modest growth was observed in the Flavor Industry and three and later, four, companies were producing Flavors for animal agriculture. Those growth years were met with some resistance from the nutrition departments of many feed manufacturers because there was no nutrition in the flavor compound. Some nutritionists even felt insulted by the flavor concept because they felt that it might be perceived by customers and other feed companies that his feed was inferior and needed a flavor for the animal to eat it. Today, there are in excess of 20 companies producing flavors for Agriculture. 

AGRI-FLAVORS, INC., Guntersville, Alabama, was founded in the fall of 1978. The Founder, Bryce Strachan, had over ten years experience in the flavor industry. In the spring of 1979, Bill Kendrick, with over ten years experience in the feed industry and over five years experience in the Flavor Industry, joined AGRI-FLAVORS.

In the spring of 1987, AGRI-FLAVORS moved into newly constructed offices and state of the art production facilities and continued to produce a quality product with total quality assurance. Sales have increased yearly since the founding of AGRI-FLAVORS.  We feel, the feed industry has complimented AGRI-FLAVORS by our continued growth.  AGRI-FLAVORS is a flavor company dedicated to producing only the best flavors for the Feed Industry, not a company that relegates flavor to a back room operation while their principal endeavors are in other fields. 

With over 19 years of flavor experience in 1993, Bill Kendrick became Agri-Flavors, Inc. president and owner.

After battling with cancer, the Founder, Bryce Strachan, past away in 1994. 

In 1996, C. T. Strachan, the General Manager since 1978, retired.  Bill Kendrick appointed Sheila Atchley to be the Vice President and General Manager.  Sheila had been an employee of Agri-Flavors since 1982.

Bill, Sheila and the entire staff of Agri-Flavors, Inc., stands ready to help the feed industry in the "Preservation of Good Taste".


Agri-Flavors' Products are specific formulations of taste and aroma enhancers which make animal feedstock more appealing and palatable. The unique formulations are all researched and field-proven to be effective in their recommended applications. Hundreds of feed producers throughout the United States depend on them as essential additives to their feed products.

Only the finest, full-strength natural and artificial flavorings are used in Agri-Flavors' Products. Careful formulation produces consistent uniformity from batch to batch. This, in turn, assures that users can produce uniform feed formulations from month to month. Other quality ingredients such as carriers and anti-caking agents insure excellent dispersion in mixtures. Proper use of antioxidants promotes long-term flavor and aroma stability. Finally, all items are manufactured in strict compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's standards for purity and quality.

The formulations made by Agri-Flavors are widely used and time-proven. In addition to the broad range of flavor and aroma enhancers presented here, Agri-Flavors has many other Flavor Formulations for special feedstock requirements and will custom design preparations, depending on lead time and volume. Often a phone call is all that is needed to get adequate samples for your testing.

Agri-Flavors' Products are available in dry granular, dry powder and/or liquid form. Standard packaging for dry-formulations is a 50 lb. Bulk bag placed in a sturdy corrugated shipping carton. The polyethylene bag that is used will help prevent air and moisture intrusion. Products can also be packaged in a range of 1 to 1 lbs. heat-sealed packets upon request. Packets are easily cut or torn open as used. The individual packets are shipped in sturdy corrugated shipping cartons. Liquid Formulations are sold by the pound and are available in quantities from 50 to 450 lbs. All containers are clearly labeled as to product name, ingredients and recommended directions for use.

Orders for most of the Agri-Flavors' Products are handled and shipped within three days of receipt of your order. Freight is prepaid on initial orders and also on orders meeting minimum weight requirements. For quantity discounts, terms or other information, consult our current price list, your Agri-Flavors salesman or the distributor.